iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a game changer for social influencers

It occurred to me at the time of writing this article, that iPads truly have become a common second screen for this generation. Millennials and generations alike adopted the iPad as a tool for not only communicating but for work and content creation. Let’s face it, the iPad is a cool device along with the iPhone.

Who could blame them when you can make YouTube videos on the fly, and edit photography with the help of the touch screen and a stylus. The iPad Pro is great for many different reasons, especially for content creation and social engagement.

1) Apps, app, and more apps

One of the largest draws to the iPad is the availability of the apps in the Apple App Store. It offers pretty much every type of app you can imagine and more come out every single day. From productivity apps to viral games, there is just not enough time to try them all.


2) Portability and size

The iPad Pro is sometimes lighter and easier to carry around versus the business basic laptop. At only a few pounds, this tablet is very portable and easy to have with you on the go.


ipad pro black


3) Large Retina screen

The new iPad Pro now offers an even larger screen so you can increase your productivity and multitask. The retina screen provides crystal clear details that will help you produce beautiful colors and content for all audiences.

4) Front 1.2MP Camera / Back 8MP Camera

The iPad comes with a standard front and rear facing camera. Both used for different purposes, but each equally helpful for content creation and communications. The front selfie camera is a 1.2 MP tool for facetime and other apps. The rear-facing 8 MP cameras are great for recording new videos and content on the fly.

ipad pro bluetooth keyboard

5) Bluetooth keyboards

Increase your productivity with the advanced Bluetooth keyboards available for the iPad Pro. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and can be useful for bloggers and writers alike.

6) Multiple device connections

Of course, Apple has made it easy to easily connect all your devices via Airdrop. You can connect your iPhone to your iPad and share files wirelessly and on demand.

ipad multitasking

7) The list goes on

There are many advantages to having the new iPad pro or any of the other iPad versions currently available from Apple. If you’re in the market for a new device, I highly recommend looking into the new iPad Pro for everything from entertainment to business productivity.

Things to consider before buying

The iPad Pro comes with lots of features, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. Keep in mind the accessories that you may want will also help the price climb. If the large size of the iPad Pro is not everything, then consider a smaller version or even an older version of the iPad. They are all great options and can help you bring convenience and accessibility of social to your daily routine. This is especially great for social influencers.