light wand

The Light Wand: Portable lights for your video and photography

Portable light options for making Youtube videos is a necessity. Sometimes the lighting on location is not ideal for shooting video or photography. The light wand is a great addition to your gear. This small portable light source is awesome at helping provide small amounts of light right where you need it. Check out some of the other great features of many light wands.

Portable light options for video and photography

It can’t be understated how portable these light units are. They are only a few pounds and are easy to carry around when doing a shoot. Many come with carrying cases that make it extra easy to bring the light with you on location.

Connections for tripods

Once on location, you don’t need to have someone holding the light for you. Many offer tripod connectors at the bottom of the lights so you can place them right where you need them. The connector is usually a small hole able to screw onto a tripod mount or light stand.

Remote control functions

Once the light is placed securely in a location, many come with remote controls to help you dim or brighten the light from a few steps away. No need to approach the light every single time you need to make a change.

Dimmable power levels

Many of the light wands come with dimmable levels. This means you can control the brightness or power of the lights. Many allow you to do this from a remote control. This helps you fine-tune the light hitting your subject and helps you get the correct exposure.

Warm and cool color temperatures

Many light wands come with warm and cool color temperatures. Some are built into the unit while others require you to slip a filter over the light to help create a warmer light on your subject. Make sure to check the details of the light to know which one the unit offers.

Battery powered Light Wands

Keeping the unit portable was a top priority for making the light so attractive for use. Many come with batteries that can be switched out on location. Our recommendation is to have a few as backups depending on the power settings you keep your light on. If you plan to use the light at full power, you may run down the battery faster than normal.

What to consider when purchasing a light wand

The light wand is a great addition to any Youtube video maker and photographer.  Video quality can be determined simply by the type of lighting you present in your videos. Professional videographers will tell you that lighting is key to getting professional footage. Now there are other options that provide more power while in a studio, but overall I think these lights are a great solution for small portable video and photography projects.