Get more out of your smartphone photography with mobile lenses

Not everyone can afford a brand new camera and they must shop on a budget. It happens to everyone, so no worries. If you are in this same boat, then why not upgrade your iPhone or smartphone camera with a new lens. How is this possible? Let me show you the ways.

With the popularity of social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, many people are looking to upgrade their photography skills and create new and unique content on a budget. With a new lens attached to your phone, you can now zoom in from further away, and take spectacular wide-angle photos all from your phone.


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Cool Features: iPhone and smartphone mobile lenses

You may not realize it, but your iPhone and smartphone have much more capabilities then you think all with the help of a few attachments. Lens kits for smartphones are a great way to get telephoto capabilities, along with wide angle shots. Some even offer macro lens options so you can get really close and catch all the fine details of your food.

Some lens options for you to consider:

  • Telephoto lens (12x zoom)
  • Wide angle lens
  • Macro lens (for small close details)
  • Fisheye lens
  • ND filters for cutting light in bright areas

Are the mobile lenses easy to use?

With smartphones becoming more advanced on the software side, the hardware design of the devices is pretty much looking the same. Since that is the case, mobile lenses are getting really easy to use and attach to all types of smartphones. Many mobile lens kits will clip or slide right onto the body of the phone for simple use. You can also slide them or unclip them when not in use. Make sure to check the compatibility of the mobile lens with your phone before purchasing.

How can this help social influencers?

Lens attachments are lightweight and are pretty much be made for all types of smartphones including iPhones, Androids, and Samsungs. The attachments make it easy to snap on when you need them, and then remove when you don’t. Telephoto lenses can help you get close to the action when you are far away.

Visiting the zoo would be fun with a telephoto lens. Macro lenses help when you want to get a close detail shot. For example, with food or makeup. There really are no limits to who you can use them.

There are also a few types that can help you get a little creative with your photography. For example, the fisheye mobile lens will give you a unique wide-angle perspective on your photos.

Things to consider before purchasing

Make sure to do your research on the lenses that you are considering for your collection. Some vendors offer lens packs with filters and different types of connectors for your phone. Think about the type of photos you like to take and you should find a lens that should compliment that particular style.