Polaroid Snap Touch Portable Instant Print Digital Camera with LCD Touchscreen Display

Polaroid Cameras: Retro and classic is always a fun way to create content

You may not be old enough to remember posing in front of a Polaroid camera. Once the button was clicked and the flash went off, you patiently waited for the photo to roll off the back of the camera. You took the print out and would shake it to your heart’s content. In the end, shaking it made no difference whatsoever but you still did it anyway.

Polaroid Cameras get touchscreens for the new generation

Making new cameras more attractive to younger generations is sometimes easier said then done. Now the Polaroid instant camera comes with a touchscreen on the back. This is a great design feature for anyone looking for a bit more control on the back of the camera. No matter what you shoot, you can see your image displayed on the back for instant feedback.

Instant cameras are gaining popularity (again)

Cameras have come a long way in digital formats. Mirrorless cameras come with new cool features such as face tracking and 4K video recording. But, even with all that technology, we still love our instant cameras. Polaroid cameras have been around for years, but our ever-changing lifestyle made them obsolete for a small time. Now, we are looking back to our roots in photography and the retro feel of the instant camera gives us something we can touch, and feel.

Instant gratification with Polaroid Cameras & Instant Cameras

You can be out with friends and family or traveling the countryside when you snap a quick pic with an instant camera. We do it more for nostalgia at this point, but also because it’s great to be able to see your work printed within a few mins.

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera purple camera

They make great keepsakes

Yes, you can go print all your photos you snap for Instagram and Facebook, but there is something about having a single printed memory that can’t be copied or replicated. Polaroid cameras offer this unique solution for those who would like to have something different.

Things to know about film stocks

Of course, technology has allowed for film stocks to get a little more sophisticated. You can get different film filters built into the print. You can also choose a black and white film to get even more unique. Some instant film packages also have colorful borders and designs for you to choose from.

Things to know about instant cameras

There are different styles of film along with different numbers in each pack. Make sure to double check your film pack details before making a purchase for your camera. Many cameras run on batteries so make sure to have some extra ones on hand. Keep in mind different lighting conditions will affect the exposure of the image so you may want to consider a camera with built-in flash.

They make great gifts for students and college kids, but can be enjoyed by all ages. These cameras are for creating great memories, so enjoy them and happy shooting!