portable chargers

Portable chargers for the win and why you need to one

Let’s be honest for a second. There are certain people in this world (I am included in this statement) that are addicted to their phones. It is sometimes the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you put down in the evening before bed.

Since this is the case for some, you are constantly in need of a charger to keep your phone’s battery fully charged. We don’t have time to be connected to a wall socket 24-7, and that is where portable chargers come into play.

What are portable chargers

Portable chargers are simply mini battery stations for your phone. They can be connected via a USB cable which is standard with most phone kits that you receive with your new phone. Portable chargers are great to keep inside your purse or backpack and charge your phone on the go.

Small, lightweight and convenient

Some portable chargers can recharge your phone at least 3-4 times without having to be recharged themselves. Depending on the unit, it could be more. They are usually a bit larger than a small deck of cards and come in all styles. Some have the capabilities of even charging your iPad or tablet on the go.

Why do you need a portable battery charger?

With social influencers, your lifestyle is probably hectic and you are constantly moving. You don’t have time to stick around and wait for your phone to charge in your office or at the local Starbucks. This is one of the best features about portable chargers. They are very convenient and you can take them anywhere.

Portable chargers have become more sophisticated with time. Some are capable of charging multiple devices at a time. Many also have small indicators to let you know how much power you have left.

Why I love portable chargers

I travel for photo shoots and work so I am constantly on the go. My phone needs to be charged and ready to use for behind-the-scenes video and photos for social media. I keep it stuffed in my backpack always and even saved a few bloggers on the go by having it available to use.

What you need to know about portable chargers.

All chargers are different so you should do your research to figure out which ones will work for you. Some may only charge your phone 2-3 times and some will be able to do more. Some require you to only charge 1 device at a time.

Make sure the outer casing is meeting your lifestyle. Meaning if you plan to be in the mountains you want to have a more rugged unit with a higher durability. In the end, you will be glad to have one of these on hand.