Social Gear Pro for Influencers

What is the Social Gear Pro blog?

The Social Gear Pro blog is an idea that came about after all my years in the creative industry. My name is Jason, and I have been a creative professional for over 15+ years as I write this article. My passion is in digital design and content creation. I find it so interesting to see how people have taken to social media and showcased different lifestyles and documented every step of the way.

This is the basis for why I started Social Gear Pro. I want to bring new ideas to content creation. What tools are social influencers using to make great content? How are they expressing their lifestyles in the form of visuals? From cameras, and lighting to audio and accessories, I want to find the best tools and bring them right to your feed.

Why social influencers and content creators?

Social influencers are a growing breed. Social media has pretty much taken over all aspects of our daily lives along with business and marketing. Creating great content is no longer a second thought. Bringing more and more visual content to the market will help everyone succeed and tell new exciting stories.

Why it’s important to create great content?

A single picture can be worth a thousand words. A single video can be worth even more. Creating content is an amazing way to reach the masses. When a post is shared thousands of times, you know you have created something people want to see and experience. Content allows users to experience something new. Social influencers showcase the power of new products and new places and bring them right to their followers.

What I hope you learn

In the end, this blog is for the beginner. Those who are looking to create new and exciting content and don’t know where to start, or what tools to use. It’s not about being technical. It’s about being creative. I am not a professional writer, but I do love new toys.

My recommendations

Do your research and find the tools that are right for you. I may not have used every tool I present, but I have a great understanding of how they are used. It was a pleasure to have worked side-by-side with social media experts, creative directors, art directors, and photographers for years. I know what they are using and why these tools are so important. Open your mind, and I think you will find something that can help you reach your audience. Happy creating!