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Form and Function: Cool backpacks for social influencer lifestyles

Social travel influencers can probably tell you that a backpack is a MUST have accessory. It can help you travel light and carry your important equipment such as laptops, tablets, phone chargers, and even small cameras. It is important to find a cool backpack that meets your needs and keeps your valuables safe while on the road.

Cool Backpacks, basic computer bags, and travel backpacks

Backpacks and computer bags are nothing new to people all over the world. They range from super lightweight to very strong and durable. Social influencers use them for day-to-day projects to stay organized and travel from one location to another. Again, this is nothing new to people everywhere.

On the other end, travel influencers need backpacks for long week projects and taking equipment with them wherever they go. Size, weight, and durability are always a concern when choosing a new backpack for your lifestyle.

How can this help social influencers?

Backpacks truly come in all shapes, color, and sizes. The on-the-go lifestyle has made designers rethink some of the new features in bags. These features are meant to help our growing travel lifestyle and personal needs. Some of them seem over the top, but some very functional to help with random issues that pop up. Some cool new features in backpacks include:

  • Built-in speakers
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Safety locks
  • Rain/Splash covers
  • Reinforced hardened plastics for durability
  • Holographic reflective surfaces for night time
  • Built-in kickstands
  • Built-in hydration packs
  • Emergency blankets

Things to consider before purchasing a new backpack

While budget seems to be one of the most relevant categories when choosing a new backpack, you may also want to consider a few other things. Think about your lifestyle and where you will be mostly with the bag. Consider travel habits, and the outdoor locations you will be with your bag. It is not uncommon for social influencers to have multiple backpacks for all types of projects and scenarios. Happy traveling!

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