USB Sticks: Transfer content from computer to computer in a flash

You are sitting with a client and you need to transfer a video or a small group of photos from your computer to theirs. What do you do? Hope you have Wi-Fi, and that it can handle a large data transfer? Dropbox I great but it can be a pain to wait for the uploads and downloads.

This is what USB sticks are for. USB sticks or USB flash drives are small storage devices packaged into small form factors. USB sticks can be plugged into a laptop or computer USB port and can be used to back-up or transfer files from one computer to another.

It always comes in handy

There are two things I always have in my backpack when working remotely. A portable battery charger and a USB stick. Many will work with both MAC and PC computers, desktops, and laptops.

They range in size from 2 inches and up. They also range in storage space. Some start around 2gigs and can go up to 64gig and higher. They are great for transferring small files or keeping a backup of your work as you transfer from one computer to another.

Students tend to benefit most from these small compact devices since they can be using multiple computers in a single day. Social Influencers can take advantage of these small devices to transfer files on the fly.

USB Stick Design

The design of USB sticks is basic and simple. It is meant to plug into your computer USB port so not much technical knowledge is needed to work them. Once you have transferred your content to the drive, you simply remove the stick and plug into any other computer.

What to consider when purchasing a USB stick

I would recommend having at least 2-3 USB sticks handy. I recommend this because I tend to loan out my USB sticks to friends and colleagues often during the day. Keep in mind what kind of content you create daily, and this will help you decide how much space you will need. Videos and photography files tend to take up much more space so you will want to get at least a 16gig or larger. In the end, make sure to always have a backup when it comes to content and data transfer. USB sticks may just save the day!